Stream: Temple Volant “Daydream Drawings” (exclusive)

26 Aug 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Working with an ElecTribe sampler and taking as source material various field recordings and collected drones, Montreal artist Sami Blanco aka Temple Volant evokes faint memories of The Skaters circa 2008, seemingly aimless noise interventions that have become so rare since Ferraro has gone all vapor on us. For all the excitement the radiant artificiality of the cyber underground's younger exegets sparked for a while, it is a sheer delight to revisit the muddy sonic waters of classic hypnagogia. This here is not a Qatari shopping mall, it's your subconscious transmitting. It's interesting to see 1080p mastermind Richard MacFarlane repping the style again, considering his history as one of hypnagogic pop's chief advocates in his Rose Quartz days. Is this some sort of inverse, second-level nostalgia I'm sensing here?

Daydream Drawings is out on 1080p. Get it on cassette or digitally over here and stream it in full below.

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Watch: Mirage “Do You Remember”

26 Aug 2014 — Henning Lahmann

There are quite a few, actually a lot, things to say about Mirage – and avid followers of this publication should be able to recognise the musician from three other past projects that were all written about on No Fear Of Pop. For now however, suffice it to refer to this post about the artist, written by Olde English Spelling Bee's Todd Ledford, to provide you with some of the context that you might or might not find necessary. That aside, what we have here is without doubt one of the most talented pop musicians of the past years, even though despite what others are saying, of course this LA native is not 19 anymore – and his name is not Robin Nydal, either. But really, who cares about the detail if the melody is so compelling. Watch the brand new video for "Do You Remember", a song from Mirage's proper debut album Blood For The Return. Highly recommended stuff.

Blood For The Return is out digitally via Olde English Spelling Bee and Weird World, with a proper vinyl release following in October.

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Boeoes Kaelstigen feat. Name the Pet “Be the Lights (Gabriel Gassi Remix)” (exclusive)

26 Aug 2014 — Henning Lahmann

When Swedish producers Tor Rauden Källstigen and Leo Nathorst-Böös aka Boeoes Kaelstigen dropped their single "Be the Lights" featuring vocals by Name the Pet back in April, Pitchfork expressed astonishment given the duo's evolvement from straight-up minimalist purism towards a more accessible, pop-friendly sound. And as per usual when dealing with pop music from Scandinavia, references were quickly at hand; in this particular case, Robyn and Röyksopp, which is of course as obvious as it is somewhat misguided. As if almost taken aback by the reaction, Boeoes Kaelstigen now follow up with a remix EP of "Be the Lights" that cautio recaptures the dancefloor. Or rather, at least Bjorn Akesson's two trance-infused reworks do, while CANVAS refits the tune for the sultry afterhour, and Stockholm-based producer Gabriel Gssi takes the middle ground with a very compelling Italo Disco version. Out of place neither on the floor nor on your headphones, the latter is the highlight of the bunch, and we're happy to premiere it below.

The "Be the Lights" remix pack will be released by Adrian Recordings on August 29.

Be sure to catch Boeoes Kaelstigen at Nordic By Nature's Our/Berlin Music Week showcase during First We Take Berlin next week on Friday, September 5. Check out our Berlin Music Week preview over here.

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James Vernon “The Actor (feat. Jasiel Berg)” (exclusive)

25 Aug 2014 — Sam Clark

James Vernon is no stranger to an eclectic musical taste. As a founding member of San Francisco’s Li Xi, Vernon has become well-versed in psychedelic explorations, and he’s taking it one step further with his new side project. Recording under his own name, Vernon is set to release Criminals digitally on September 9. The album is already supported by the lead single “Old Ghost”, and today No Fear of Pop premieres its second offering.

“The Actor” draws on Vernon’s psych-pop vernacular as much as his interest in more ambient, dance-based sounds, with gritty synths and processed guitars hitting in tandemed stutter, West Coast post-dub drum loop. Floating over the top is the hazy guest vocal spot from Jasiel Berg, whose delivery immediately transforms “The Actor” into an apt companion for waning summer nights, regardless of geographic location. Stream it below.

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Soft Vision “Feel It Coming On” (exclusive)

21 Aug 2014 — Parker Bruce

Soft Vision aka Kelly Winchester and Bradley Barr, an Austin pair, know how to make quietly stately music. Case in point, their song "Feel It Coming On", which can be found on a debut 7" of the same name that will be out on August 26. The reserved, almost dirge of the tune calls to mind the songs by Computer Magic (i.e. "Victory Gin," "Grand Junction," and "Everyone Feels That Way Sometimes") as it marches and trudges with droning organs yet also a miraculous sense of airiness, brevity, and lightness as if we all had our heads in the clouds.

Get the two songs through Lexington, KY label Acoustic Division's burgeoning subset, Hi-Definition, come next week. Drone on.

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Watch: Lake Daggers “In the Evergreens” (exclusive)

15 Aug 2014 — Johanne Swanson

My favorite hobby at seventeen was putting on my headphones and bombing stretches of Wisconsin county highway on my longboard. I remember relaying this to some scumbag I was dating and getting the reaction, “How are you the biggest stoner without any drugs?” I’ve since learned that it’s because, my friends, life is the craziest trip of them all.

Sit back and take a good hit of “In the Evergreens”, a music video we’re pleased to premiere off the debut Transient from Lake Daggers. It’s organic loopy psych drone and accompanying imagery is indicative of the Midwest, evident by labelmates, most notably longtime NFOP favorite Orchard Thief. Lake Daggers is Bloomington, Indiana, resident Wyatt Montgomery Worcel, and Transient, described by the label as “audio-snapshots”, is out now on Madison, Wisconsin’s Golden Cloud Tapes. It features subtle and lush textural layering, ideal for getting lost in the woods on a humid day. If you dare look up, here’s to hoping you don’t get lost in the maze that is the light shining through the leaves.

Transient is out now on Golden Cloud Tapes.

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Recycle Culture “Drown Me Up”

13 Aug 2014 — Evelyn Malinowski

Erik Moline aka Recycle Culture described his creation as "chilled balearic," which is indeed fitting phrasing for this movement. Still, it isn't simply balearic, beachy fun. It encompasses some kind of deep emotions which aren't worth fighting against. In the beginning, it reminds me of Ulrich Schnauss, and then slides into some sounds that remind me of Brian & Chris, a project I've long forgotten about. There's also a touch of Subradial present throughout the piece. The guitar lines shimmer and resonate similarly as they would through either oceanside caverns, or photographs like the one that serves as the album art. I listened to it for the first time the other day over morning coffee, and it still feels like the gem of recent musical discoveries. His early releases that we've liked, such as Puzzle Logic, sound a bit like KC Accidental, which, as I sit here in Toronto in the middle of W Bloor and Spadina, is a perfect connection to draw up.

You can stream Drown Me Up among other releases here.

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Bobo Eyes “Do U Miss Me (Rainstick Mix)” (exclusive)

04 Aug 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Take a look at the cover art. Do it again. Close your eyes. Look again. That bed, a fantasy seaside escape, and a rainbow for added authenticity, and an album name to top it off – that's basically all you need to know to aptly file the music of Vancouver's Evelyn Mason and Olivia Meek aka Evy Jane and Regular Fantasy aka Bobo Eyes. Though we should probably mention the handclaps, too: Fifty seconds into signature track "Do You Miss Me (Rainstick Mix)", the lascivious sounds are gently thrown into the mix, and everything suddenly falls into place. This is post-vaporwave for the lovers, velvety vocals and offensively inoffensive synth swirls (look under 'presets > sex'). Appropriate drinks strongly recommended for full listening experience.

"Do You Miss Me (Rainstick Mix)" is part of Midnight Pearl, which is out tomorrow, August 5 August 12 via 1080p. Get it now over here.

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