28 Oct 2012 — Henning Lahmann

No Fear Of Pop: Notes on the future of music.

No Fear Of Pop was founded in Berlin in late February 2010. It is a website about music of whatever genre and of whatever origin that seeks to transcend the habitual preconceptions about the "modern" in contemporary popular culture. The music written about will be pop in the broadest, most liberal sense of the term, rejecting accustomed dichotomies between the underground and the established - read mainstream. We believe that the music that you'll find on this site is not to be missed within the context of the pop tropes of today and tomorrow.

No Fear Of Pop is written in Berlin, with contributions from the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. We like receiving submissions, but please send us your music to this address only:


Important: Save the planet, therefore please abstain from sending physical copies unless otherwise agreed. Digital promos are just fine for everyone.

Writing for NFOP:

If you like writing about the kind of music this site covers, and would like to join the team, please send a mail with writing samples and/or significant links to your work to:



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Henning Lahmann – founder, editor (responsible)

Johanne Swanson – copy editor, staff writer, Brooklyn (NY)

Selina Begum – staff writer, London

Parker Bruce – staff writer, New York (NY)

Ashley Hodge Canino – staff writer, New York (NY)

Andrew Darley – staff writer, Dublin

Lukas Dubro – staff writer, Berlin

Anaïs Duplan – staff writer, Iowa City

Richard Greenan – staff writer, London

Matthew Harris – staff writer, London

Noah Klein – staff writer, Los Angeles (CA)

Evelyn Malinowski – staff writer, New Mexico

Trey Rice – staff writer, Iowa

Henry Schiller – staff writer, Edinburgh

William Stevens – staff writer, London

Zachary Taube – staff writer, Berlin

Dalton Vogler – staff writer, Washington, D.C.

Andrew Wagner – staff writer, New Haven (CT)

Andi Wilson – staff writer, Brooklyn (NY)

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat – columnist, Sydney
Please contact regarding Australia/New Zealand-related submissions only.

Silent Shout – columnists, Toronto/Berlin