Stream: Karneef, “Swimming” Remix EP (exclusive)

23 Apr 2014 — Parker Bruce

A few weeks ago we premiered the video for "Swimming" by Montreal's Karneef. Now we have an EP of remixes of the track with contributions by Montreal citizens like Rich Uncle-Skelleton (who did that eclectic "Bone Soup for Christmas" mix back in December and is in Syngja) and ¡FLIST! as well as Gucchi Babe and Berlin's Touchy Mob. All the remixes are terrific. Gucchi Babe's screwed, chirping, and chopped version travels through an opaque flume while Touchy Mob makes everything plush, deluxe, and refreshing like a swig of mouthwash. ¡FLIST!'s madcap take sounds like it has a chorus of ribbiting frogs and Rich Uncle gives "Swimming" a modern and urgent doo-wop look with little scooting, bleeping noodles that dally about. Stream the remixes below and get Love Between Us (the album "Swimming" can be found on) here.