Stream: Wellness “Wellness” (exclusive)

17 Dec 2014 — Lukas Dubro

The fascinating aspect of Alexander Winkelmann is that he seems to be in neverending metamorphosis. You can never be certain about what to expect of him-- only that it's gonna be different every time. Take for instance his live shows: One time he flips over the stage playing all kinds of instruments and gadgets over loud and dancy beats, next time he sits in the dark with a friend playing ambient guitar music over field recordings from the Chilean jungle.

Recordings from the Berlin-based artist are pretty much the same. His first, Das neue Album, was an acoustic guitar album. Winkelmann's voice and a guitar were recorded with nothing more then his laptop's internal mic. On his next, Das neuere Album, Winkelmann showed his experimental side, adding all kinds of instruments and deconstructing classical song structures. He continued down this lane, improving his production and adding more and more energy to it. His untitled EP has been the most energetic up to date and the ending point of what developed since. The link between all of his output is the attitude: punk gestures meeting an impressive artistic intellectuality. Winkelmann likes to play with quotes, and there always seems to be a false bottom, a deeper sense to them.