Stream: Lotic at Unsound (exclusive)

29 Oct 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Of the three different stages inside Krakow's decaying late-communist Hotel Forum – the venue where Unsound's main club nights are staged on the festival's closing weekend – Room 3 is probably the toughest to unleash a proper party in, at it's essentially a large bar by design, not exactly a dancefloor. Which is why, I'd argue, it takes some particularly talented or rather ruthless DJs to keep up the excitement for a whole night. Enter Berlin's Janus crew, who took over the room on Friday night, running on a bill programmed by Unsound together with CTM's Berlin Current project, as reported earlier. Unsound's Polish and international crowd didn't hesitate to buy into the vibe, providing a setting that in its best moments at least came very close to the most relentless nights at Janus' home base Chesters. As per usual, Lotic's hour was especially marked by a dazzling, unapologetic yet infectious eclecticism, and we're happy to exclusively present the live recording of his set below, which was kindly provided by London's NTS Radio.

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unhappybirthday “Keanu” (exclusive)

09 Sep 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Not sure if the German vocals are a recently added feature of Hamburg-based lo-fi outfit unhappybirthday, but the singer's sloppy and languid baritone is definitely the perfect complement to the disillusioned, detached words about a desolate human interaction, probably a failing relationship. The laconic crooning is nicely accompanied by naively warm twinkling and plucking synths that exude an eerie coziness, giving "Keanu" a curiously nostalgic and comforting feel, almost as if life didn't really suck after all.

"Keanu" is taken from Swimmingpool, which will be released later this year via Night-People. The band will tour Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands this fall beginning September 19.

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4 Years of No Fear Of Pop at Sameheads

20 Feb 2014 — Henning Lahmann

As some of you will know, No Fear Of Pop started as little more than a historical accident, and in some ways you may even say that it still is. But hey, it's been around for four years now already, and isn't that sort of legitimising in itself? Almost an aeon in blog terms, we're still happy to be doing what we're doing, and we promise (?) that we have no intention to stop. Which is why we figured that it's about time to finally properly celebrate another year of existence, and the night to do so will happen at Neukölln venue Sameheads tomorrow, Friday, February 21 – so come and have a good time with us, congratulate, bring flowers, or just seize the opportunity to finally complain about everything that bothers you, in general and concerning our humble website.

The magic starts at 10pm. A few fine friends and long-standing supporters are helping us to make the party unforgettable, in this order:

10pm No Fear Of Pop
11pm Cory & Robin
12am Jason Grier
1am Antonie93 (Montreal/live)
2am Joey Hansom
3am Why Alex Why?
4am Michael Aniser (Noisekölln)

Go here for more details. Also, don't miss our show on Berlin Community Radio tomorrow afternoon, 4pm CET as usual, to hear us play some of our all-time favourites that were posted on the site over the past four years.

In anticipation of the night, our dear friend Joey Hansom has made us a mix, including some of the more dancefloor-friendly tunes that have been featured on No Fear Of Pop. Take a listen below, and join us tomorrow night!


Airbird “Part of the Game”
Gacha “Remember”
Jef Barbara “About Singers”
Planningtorock “All Love’s Legal”
Godmother “These Things Take Time”
Easter “Sky”
Antoine93 “Only Do the Music”
Alexander Geist “A Woman’s Right to Choose”
White Car “Now We Continue”
Shine 2009 feat. Paula Abdul “So Free” (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Tomas Barfod “Aether”
Ital “Queens”
Heatsick “Speculative”
Ikonika feat. Jessy Lanza “Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)”
Kassem Mosse “Broken Patterns”
Avalon Emerson “Zsa”
Holly Herndon “Chorus”
Maria Minerva “Gloria”
Felicita “Shougang Fantasy / Wavey”
Stay+ feat. Queenie “Crashed”
Cloud Boat “Pink Grin II”
Laurel Halo “Throw”
Arca “Mother”
Kuhrye-oo “For the Fame II”
How to Dress Well “Ready for the World”

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Stream: Rich Uncle-Skelleton’s “Bone Soup for Christmas” Mix

24 Dec 2013 — Parker Bruce

One third of Montreal group, Syngja, Aleks Schürmer, hosts concerts in Montreal under the awesome name, Rich Uncle-Skelleton. Just in time for Christmas, he's made a mix called "Bone Soup for Christmas" for The House of Grizzly Andrews, an arts house in Montreal officially launching in the spring that helps to fund artists' projects as well do their own projects. Schürmer said the mix was for all the art kids he knows who were leaving their art families to go back to their real families for Christmas. There's Syngja's now pretty much classic, "Pink Prism," with its unforgettable "you can't just leave a good thing" lyric as well as something from d'Eon's "Blackout (Music for Keyboards Vol. IV)." It also has amazing Montreal duo UN on it as well as ¡FLIST!, Bantam Wing, a remix of The Baby-Sitters Club theme song by Schürmer himself, and a bumping Hua Li chopped and screwed take on an Akua song. It all ends with the surreal "God Is An American" by Jean-Pierre Ferland which sounds like the theme song to a 70s cop show, a Broadway show tune, and a church hymnal all at different points. In other words, it sounds like a song on "Yeezus." It's the perfect ending. Stream the mix below and download it here. Tracklist below.

Peyotiki "Sunflower"
Syngja "Pink Prism"
Akua "Gravity (Hua Li 化力 Chop & Screw)"
Rich Uncle "Babysitters Club Theme (Parker bb Remix)"
d'Eon "The Birds Eat Our Corpses"
Mourning Coup "Eye'll Be Your Mirror"
Bantam Wing "You Keep Going On"
Dirty Organs "All Kinds"
UN "Wicked Child"
¡FLIST! "Tuberculoma (Live)"
Jean-Pierre Ferland "God Is An American"

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Stream: “The Le Sigh Vol. 1”

23 Dec 2013 — Andi Wilson

One of my favorite current publications occurring in Brooklyn right now is The Le Sigh. This strong group of ladies are killing it in every aspect by covering feminism through new music, zines, features on rad local women/artists, beautifully curated mixes, and an abundance of interviews. In November, the site announced "The Le Sigh Vol. 1" on cassette with a zine released and printed through Birdtapes, the unstoppable and newly one-year-old label . The mix features a soft (A) and hard (B) side featuring some of the best twee, lo-fi pop, and punk female acts happening right now. Get ready to cry a little, crack a smile, and sway around your room. I wish I could have heard these songs when I was seventeen; dealing with highschool boys, rebelling from my parents, and smoking that very first cigarette. 

The tape and zine are sold out, but now available to stream and download below. Some of us from No Fear of Pop were able to attend the release party at Silent Barn in Brooklyn last month and had the time of our lives while watching Whatever, Dad, Baby Mollusk, Lizard Kisses, and Frankie Cosmos! We wish the best to the lovely Le Sigh gals and can't wait to see what the future holds for them. 

The Le Sigh Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1. "Nessa's Theme" - Whatever, Dad
2. "Empty Hands" - Baby Mollusk
3. "Being Cool Is Super Hard" - Morgan Spaner
4. "Duh" - Infinity Crush
5. "Apart" - Yohuna
6.  "See You Soon" - R.L. Kelly
7.  "Dark Skies" - Frankie Cosmos
8. "Little Things" - Lizard Kisses
9. "Find Me" - Winter

10. "Never What You Wanted" - Bam! Bam!
11. "Fuck It" - Numb Bats
12. "Dream Lover" - Love Cuts
13. "The Spins"- Potty Mouth
14. "Open My Eyes"- Burnt Palms
15. "Ice Age" - Loveover
16. "Sweetie" - Tomboy
17. "Watch You (Party Mix)" - Priests
18. "No Right" - Young Trynas
19. "Le Sigh (Theme Song)" - Mannequin Pussy



Photos by The Silent Barn and Jeanette Wall

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NFOP x Urban Mutations Present: Danse Noire Showcase (exclusive mix)

06 Nov 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Insanely happy to announce our forthcoming showcase, this time in collaboration with our friends of Urban Mutations. If you followed this site for a bit in 2013, you will be aware that one of our favourite discoveries this year is Geneva-based Danse Noire, without doubt one of the most exciting new labels around (we're not the only ones who are intrigued).

On Saturday, November 16, one of Kreuzberg's finest venues, Chesters, we'll host a night that will feature performances of label founder Aïsha Devi as well as Danse Noire alumnus Vaghe Stelle aka Turin-based producer Daniele Mana, plus a special guest appearance by the great Lorenzo Senni, performing under his Stargate guise. Back in April and May, when we first wrote about the Danse Noire roster, we said that Mana's Out of Body EP "one of the most accomplished and compelling instances of deranged dancefloor deviations that we've come across lately", while Devi's work amounts to "finest broken avant-garde pop tropes" of 2013 – and now, in October, both EPs have lost nothing of their initial impact on our daily listening habits.

So come down to Chesters next month for a night that should become on of this year's finest for anyone who's interested in deliberately challenging, left-field electronic music.

In anticipation of the event, Danse Noire have made us an exclusive mix in order to showcase some of the stuff you might expect. Take a listen below.

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Mix: Lasertom

05 Nov 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Dublin-based producer Simon Cullen aka Lasertom, last seen on this site with his superb rework of Goodtime's "Behind This Sun", recently dropped his LP Drift via London imprint Nang Records. To mark the occasion, Cullen has sent over a lovely "Downtempo Mix" that showcases 'some of the beat driven slow tempo funk/disco/electronic that has inspired and influenced Lasertom', drawing 'from old and new and sometimes somewhere in the middle'.

Annotated track list:

(1) Van Giraffe "Love to Love You Maybe": I found this cover version of the Moroder/Summer classic on the Pink Stallone label blog page a few years back. I think it's them with their collaborator Joey Washington but they don't say. Their sound has always grabbed my ear.
(2) Marti Caine "Love The Way You Love Me": I only heard this song recently but it immediately clicked with me. It has elements that remind me of other favourites (Dennis Parker's "Like an Eagle").
(3) Botox "241 (Sandro Perri Mix)": BOTOX have always had something for me and with Sandro Perry in the mix too this song is a thoroughbred.
(4) 24Seven "Rokkoko Raduno": I love how this songs jutters, even if jutters is not a real word yet.
(5) Funk Machine "Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk)": I heard this for the first time quite recently on a Beats In Space show. For me it was one of those songs you cant believe you haven't heard yet. As we say in Ireland, Morto for me.
(6) Pink Stallone "The 6": As above re Stallone.
(7) Psychemagik "Auf Dem Dub (Psychemagik edit)": I only caught on about a year or so ago to the Pyschmagik edits and I've found that they always come through with something interesting.
(8) Mandrill "Echoes In My Mind (Avanti Edit)": This edit is from the soundtrack to the 80's cult classic film The Warriors.
(9) Dot Allison "We're Only Science"

Listen to Drift in full below and get it over at Juno:

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Guest Mix for Don’t Panic Berlin

12 Aug 2013 — Henning Lahmann

As you know, we occasionally recommend events happening here in Berlin that we find particularly exciting and/or relevant. However, we sure are no listings site whatsoever, so please never think of us as a reliable source for anything that's going on in Berlin's infinitely varied club scene. In fact there are other website for that sort of things, most notably Don't Panic Berlin, the local smart sister of the much bigger UK enterprise based in London. What the friendly folks of Don't Panic Berlin put up is certainly not to be missed if you want to stay relevant, so in case you live in this town, be sure to keep a close eye their recommendations.

As part of their ongoing guest mix series, they asked me to provide one, which you can now stream or download below. There's also a brief interview about NFOP which you will find over here. Enjoy.


(1) JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
(2) Airbird & Napolian “Special” (Cascine 2013)
(3) Jack Dixon “No One Is Watching” (Tender Hooks 2013)
(4) Paul Woolford “Untitled” (Hotflush 2013)
(5) JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
(6) The Haxan Cloak “Mara” (Tri Angle 2013)
(7) Interplanetary Prophets “Zero Hour” (Planet Mu 2013)
(8) Basic House “Ultra-Misted” (Digitalis 2013)
(9) Black Sites “N313P” (PAN, forthcoming 2013)
(10) DJ Ford Foster “Corridor” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(11) Wanda Group “OVERR AREA” (Cleaning Tapes 2013)
(12) Jabu “Flying (REI’s Icarus Mix)” (unreleased 2013)
(13) John Ola “bd” (No Pain In Pop 2013)
(14) Body Boys “Mute” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(15) Kahn “Cover Me” (Black Box 2013)
(16) (forthcoming)
(17) TVO “Outside the Brighton Church” (Broken20 2013)
(18) Young Echo “Slow Jam” (Ramp Recordings 2013)
(19) Special Request “Capsules (Lee Gamble Remix)” (Houndstooth 2013)
(20) Tuff Sherm & PMM “Raymond Sees the Dog” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(21) Ñaka Ñaka “004000” (Opal Tapes 2013)
(22) MM/KM “Lost in NPE2” (Trilogy Tapes 2012)
(23) Acteurs “Cloud Generating” (Public Information 2013)
(24) Helena Hauff “Micro Manifesto” (Werkdiscs 2013)

Sample Sources:

İşte AKP vahşeti Taksim’deki bu çığlığı unutmayacağız, Istanbul, 12 June 2013
President Obama’s speech in Berlin, 19 June 2013, CNN
George Zimmerman verdict, 13 July 2013
Morsi Opponents Killed in Egypt Clashes, 10 July 2013, Associated Press

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